Campaign Brief

The task of this campaign was to introduce one of the Yves Rocher ecological activities - a project called I LOVE MY PLANET. Thanks to this project there have been over 70 million trees planned all over the world. In the Czech Republic the aim of this project is to plan 100 000 trees by 2020. For every sold product with the display of the I LOVE MY PLANET logo there will be one tree planned. The influencers got the task to introduce the idea that every single person can plan a tree without going to a forest. How? That they can buy a particular product with the I LOVE MY PLANET logo.

Post Requirements

  1. Take a picture of you and Yves Rocher product which displays the I LOVE MY PLANET logo
  2. Write in the comment that you have joined the project #sazimtedyjsem and you share the equation “I love my planet = 1 tree”
  3. Challenge your followers to join this project and share the equation “I love my planet = 1 tree” as well. Tell them that they can support this initiative, too, even though they have a long way to go to the forest.
  4. Tag the official profile of Yves Rocher @yvesrochercesko and add these hashtags: #sazimtedyjsem #ilovemyplanet #actbeautiful #yvesrochercesko

Target Influencers

Followers: 1000 - 30000
Age: 18-35

Campaign Summary

Thanks to our mobile application the idea of planning the trees was spread over to unbelievable 273 404 followers and received 9 456 likes. Therefore, the challenge #sazimtedyjsem was joined by people whose fate of our planet is not indifferent.

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