Campaign Brief

The task of this campaign was to prepare a meal by following one of recipes from website Influencers were also told to tag which helped not only to increase Instagram followers but also number of web’s visitors.

Post Requirements

  1. Toprecept prepared dish on a plate
  2. enter the exact recipe name from the Web site under the label that you cooked
  3. the label contains the activities or features you have inherited
  4. tag

Target Influencers

Followers: 0-21.000

Campaign Summary

We managed to get many new visitors to the biggest czech recipe website with our campaign called “Cook with” in which 17 influencers took part. They inspired almost 92 000 followers by amazing pictures of meals which they prepared according to one of recipes from The posts were really successful and besides tens of comments they also got over 6 000 likes.

Posts in Campaign

Report in Numbers