Campaign Brief

An aim of this campaign was to intensify the brand awareness of Ondrášovka and to spread an idea that love for Ondrášovka is inherited. Inlfuencers’ task was to post a picture with activity or characteristic which they inherited from their grandparents and boost sales of the mineral water Ondrášovka.

Post Requirements

  1. contains a bottle of Ondrášovka
  2. it describes the activities or features you have inherited from grandparents
  3. the label contains the activities or features you have inherited
  4. is marked with @ondraska_cz and #chutvsobe

Target Influencers

Followers: 0-20.000

Campaign Summary

We created a campaign “Taste which you have inside yourself” for brand Ondrášovka. Thanks to influencers we boosted not only the sales of this mineral water but we also intensified this brand’s awareness and showed their philosophy. Thanks to beautiful pictures posted by 8 influencers over 212 000 people saw this campaign!

Posts in Campaign

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