Campaign Brief

The task of this campaign was to present limited edition of refreshing drinks Bubbleology - Honey Cake, Choco Dessert and Fruit Pie. Influencers were told to post a picture on Instagram with one of these drinks and to ask their followers which drink they like the most and by this increase sales.

Post Requirements

  1. contains a drink from a limited edition stylized into a lifestyle,
  2. in the label you ask your fans how BG tastes like they have experience with BG, do what other drink to taste, what kind of drink do you prefer
  3. the photo is marked @bubbleology

Target Influencers

Followers: 100-30.000

Campaign Summary

We helped Bubbleology to show their limited edition of Bubble tea and made their work with influencers much easier. The campaign was really successful. During only 12 days 15 influencers took part in the campaign with interesting lifestyle pictures where they showed to followers their favourite drink from the limited edition. Incredible 191 000 people saw the Instagram posts, the pictures got over 13 500 likes and they boosted sales of fruity and creamy drinks Bubble tea in the Czech Republic.

Posts in Campaign

Report in Numbers